NiP GUI V.1.0.0

NiP proudly presents NiP Official GUI V.1.0.0!

This first version mainly contains graphical changes. We wanted to achieve a clean easy-to-read GUI for competitive use.
Please download it, install and lets us know what you think. All suggestions on how we can make it better are welcome,

Please leave your feedback in the comment section below :)

NiP Official GUI V.1.0.0

de_dust20004 snapshot0000

Many thanks to spddl. Couldn’t have done it without you!
Also thanks to our fine designers who made the amazing design!

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  1. The bad thing of the GUI is, the picture are not the steam’s picture. there is a logo blue for the CTs and yellow for the Ts. nd the scoreboard too, is the defaut picture of CS:GO. It will be cool if we can have the steam’s profile picture :)

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    @Fiskoo first of all, props to you guys! The UI looks really good, the first thing you should set up on your to do list in my opinion is to fix the UI to work with GOTV right now they are just overlaping each other. In general amazing job!

  3. flobob:

    MY screen is on sv_competitive_official_5v5 1- Players logos are big and in one row.
    YOUR screen is on sv_competitive_official_5v5 0 – (Public mode, but esea use too this mode) Players logos are little and 2 rows.

    Sorry for my english, You understand me? :-)

  4. Hi, I want to start of by telling that the GUI is great. There is just one thing i would like to change so you get the “steam player logos” ingame and not the tribal, is that possible to fix? And if so how? :)

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