Changes in the NiP.LoL Squad

Ninjas in pyjamas League of Legends division is changing up its roster!

It is no secret that our initial results have not been up to the high standards that the team has set of themselves and what the fans expects of them. Therefore the team has decided to effect some changes to the roster for the remainder of the LCS Summer split. 3 players will, in order to improve on our current results, to step down from the active roster. NeeGodbro, TheTess and Svenskeren has decided to step down as subs, to be replaced by two of our current subs in the form of Vytautas “extinkt” Melinauskas, and Tobias “Malunoo” Magnusson. While we have recruited Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek, former AD Carry of Heimerdingers Colossi and Samurais in Jeans teams.

The team believes that these changes are what is needed in order to remain competitive, and challenge for the higher spots in the current split of the LCS.

The new lineup will be seen the first time in the upcoming week 3 matches to take place at the studios in Cologne, Germany.

The new NiP.LoL – Lineup:
Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg – Mid Lane
Martin “Deficio” Lynge – Support
Vytautas “extinkt” Melinauskas – Top Lane
Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek – AD Carry
Tobias “Malunoo” Magnusson – Jungler

Dan Van “NeeGodbro” Vo – Sub
Kasper “TheTess” Poulsen – Sub
Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen – Sub

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  1. Not happy. Upset. Not the same team as the old roster. I have never seen such an amazing display of a League team than in the last few weeks of the Spring LCS. I was awed. After Bjergsen rejoined the team I was stunned. I pride myself in having an eye for League talent, and those five men have the ability to become the number one League team in the world. I have no doubt if the roster remained the same they would one day become the World Champions!

  2. So, I’ve been away since last week, so all the news about the new team in NIP I’ve actually missed.
    I had been looking forward to the match with NiP against MYM since last week, but was quite a disappointing sight to see my favorite team dissolved.

    I’ve been following CW / from the start the entered LCS. Even though they didn’t do well in the beginning I’ve always been faithful to CW / NiP, rooting, cheering and watching every match and even if some members of the team streamed, I watched it to support.

    So it is quite a dissapointment to see my team simple torn apart, becuase of the new organisation.
    The really meant a lot to me, becuase they were all Danish, and it was really cool to have a hometeam to always root for.
    Even though I’m really dissapointed in the dicision I wish Godbro, Svenskeren, TheTess, Bjergsen and Deficio the very best. I will still root for you, but the emotional attachment to the team is just not the same for me anymore.

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