NiP launches own gaming brand.

Ninjas in Pyjamas have always strived for perfection. Always aiming high and reaching ambitious goals such as being one of the world’s best teams in the games we play. To obtain top performance and to give our players the best peripheral tools to perform, we have decided to launch our own gaming brand. The most important part; our own top team of experts will be developing the products.

Gaming teams have traditionally relied on large companies to obtain gear. The result is unfortunate as players are forced to use mainstream products developed for the mass market. In addition to this all teams receive the same standard gear with limited ability to give input in the developing process, which is often limited to colors and minor features. NiP will take the world lead in changing this. We will be developing our own gaming-gear together with the only manufacturing company living up to our standards, Xtrfy.

Xtrfy have brought two fantastic keyboards to market previously, with excellent quality and features. NiP will take this further and all new Xtrfy products will be developed and designed together with the NiP teams. All NiP players will contribute with their knowledge and experience in the R&D process, evaluating and giving feedback on every product. We will be making gear solely designed, tested and edited by professional gamers, for all casual and professional gamers in the world.

Emil Christensen, founder of Ninjas in Pyjamas, said the following about why Xtrfy was the best choice for the Ninjas:

“In our search for a partner who can really deliver what we need performance wise, we came across Xtrfy and their amazing keyboards. We saw the potential to build something amazing together, something that has never been done before in the history of gaming. Giving professional gamers the very last word in the R&D of our products seems to be the only natural way to go in order to deliver the best gaming peripherals in the world. We want to make gear for all ninjas out there and we want to test the gear on our own ninjas firsthand. The reason: How better to study the adaptation of a product if not by studying gamers themselves? “

This is the first step towards our dream and ultimate goal; that all ninjas are equipped with the tools they need in order to become the best players they can be. Together we will start realizing that dream today.

The official launch date is the first of November 2014, when a number of products will be released on to the market.

Joakim Jansson, one of the founders of Xtrfy, explains the new venture as an amazing opportunity to take Xtrfy to the next level:

“This is the perfect next step for us. We have launched some great products and to have the best team in the world, NiP, being part of R&D gives Xtrfy the final touch of perfection. This further strengthens the fact that we have been on the right track from the beginning.”

Please do not hesitate contacting us for further questions. Contacts:

Joakim Jansson
Co-founder Xtrfy
+46 (0) 46 273 60 01

Per Lilliefelth
CEO Ninjas in Pyjamas
+46 (0) 720367357

Interview with Per, Joakim and Emil about the new collaboration can be found here

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